Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Original Fiber Producers

When you visit Fiber Festival each year, do you visit the animals who produce the fiber?  The Animal Barns are full of many farms who bring some of their amazing fiber producers to festival for you to see and quite often for you to buy.  The best part is that you have an opportunity to learn about the animal that the fleece you buy comes from.  Here are a few of the gorgeous sheep, goats, rabbits and alpacas that were a part of our 2010 festival.

Make sure that you visit all of the barns at Fiber Fest 2011 including the animal barns.  Ask questions.  Learn about the breed and the breeders.  The farms that raise these animals are a wealth of knowledge to fiber artists.  Stop by their booths and let them know how much you enjoy the products created from their animals.  You may even get to see the actual animal that produced the roving or yarn you just purchased.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Costume Parade 2010

This week we wanted to share with you some photos from the costume parade at Fiber Fest 2010.  When you visit Fiber Fest, there is so much more going on than just vendors and classes.  We have a barn full of the animals that provide the amazing fiber that we use to spin, knit, crochet, weave, dye, etc.  Here in Michigan, we are fortunate so have so many great breeders from both large and small farms raising all of our favorite fibers.  Here was a chance for the sheep to "let their hair down" a bit and have some fun.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Michigan Fiber Fest : Our First Blog!

Welcome to the Michigan Fiber Festival blog.  Our goal is to have a weekly (if not more often) post about anything and everything that is part of the Michigan Fiber Festival including the fiber producing animals, the vendors, the instructors and anything that affects fiber arts here in Michigan including our fiber arts activities such as spinning, dyeing, knitting, weaving, knitting, etc.

For our first post, we thought we would share some photos from the 2010 Fiber Festival held in August.  Since it's January and we are surrounded by snow, why not remember the warm days full of sunshine and the Allegan County Fairground.

Be sure to follow us here on Blogger and become a fan on Facebook as we utilize our social networking resources to communicate with you.  We also have a Ravelry Group where we can post discussions and suggestions for our great festival.  We hope you will visit our blog and leave comments on what topics you would like us to blog about.  Until next week...