Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ten MORE reasons to attend the Michigan Fiber Festival! -Three Weeks to Go

Checking my calendar, I realized that in three weeks we'll be packing up to start the journey to the 2013 Michigan Fiber Festival.  Wowza!  Where has the time gone?

Besides participating in workshops and shopping the barns full of vendors there are a lot of activities, you must see.

First, there are still spaces available to camp.  There is nothing better than being able to go to sleep dreaming of the fiber you played with all day and waking up to the sounds of fellow fiber artists eager to start the next day.

Second, spinning!  Need I say more?

Thirds, campsite knitting!
Fourth, shearing!  Seriously, if you haven't ever seen your favorite fiber animals sheared then you must check out the shearing.

Fifth, the parade!

Sixth, Activities for the kids - Check out the make and take tables
Seventh, Live Music
Eighth, Food!  Yes, how can we forget our favorite food vendors.

Ninth, the Sheep Herding Demonstration.  Gotta love smart dogs.
And the Tenth, but not last, activity you must see at the Michigan Fiber Festival...the memories and friendship.

Make it a day, Make it a weekend but enjoy every minute of this year's event!


  1. All I have to do is clone myself...steal away a few hours for some ME fiber'n time!! The MFF runs concurrent w/our local Armada Fair! Keep up the good work...love you!

  2. Great post....but I only need "one" reason...I LOVE IT!!!